pls accept we all look like shit compared to bunnies
bunnies are true paragon of beauty

this is the cutest cat who ever existed and that is bc she is completely immobile god bless

this is the cutest cat who ever existed and that is bc she is completely immobile god bless

It’s not just you. Even those of us from Bangladeshi families can barely keep up with the dialects. My parents tried to bring me up on Kolkata bhasha I grew up saying chaan and nun instead of gosul and lobun… I feel ya.

YA!! i noticed we speak a similar type of bengali, so that’s why I understand you so well! haha and yes, i feel i can work through it if its a few words but sometimes it’s the intonation which is hard to get used to as well, and just in combination my little brain cannot instantly translate it, so i just stare at ppl blankly and then try to speak in english instead (if the ppl are my age) but with older ppl idk what to do, it is mortifying. Btw, are these newer dialects? I thought they had always existed?

lots of posts abt bangla and i want to add my big insecurity which is that i can’t understand most bangladeshi spoken dialects and i feel i might not be trying hard enough but omg i have this uncle from jessore (not real uncle but rlly good family friend) who has known us since i was but a wee 3 year old and sometimes i wish i could converse w/ him on the phone when he calls but i always feel so uncomfortable bc i understand maybe two words and just say “hain hain, tai, thik, hmm” all the time and prob sound like an utter dunderhead. 

sometimes i search for / try to discover books through publishing sites and let me just say seagullindia, zed books, and verso books are some of my favs! ugh just looking through their sites makes me anxious and excited bc i want to read everything but where will i find the time

i hv this embarrassing friend on fb who calls her bf bubblebutt all the time, on everything she posts i just…why do i know these ppl